Members of the ECOFD Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Plan are saving on average $4000 in 2010 workers’ compensation premiums. The ECOFD Workers' Compensation Group Rating plan allows companies to combine their safety records, claims experience and payroll history, and file with the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation as one large, strong entity. The large size of the group provides a buffer to absorb the impact of a claim. As a group, employers pay far lower premiums than they do otherwise as individual employers. The ECOFD Group is administered by CareWorks Consultants Inc. (CCI), a respected industry leader in the field of workers' compensation cost control services.

If your company is not already a member of the ECOFD Group Rating Plan, now is a good time to consider joining. Even if your company is currently enrolled in another group rating program or did not qualify for group rating last year, you should still receive an analysis and compare rates. Each year the BWC assigns new rates based on an employer's payroll and experience. Companies who did not previously qualify due to a penalty rating may qualify this year.

CCI analyzes each employer’s unique claim and premium history to find the highest level of savings from the BWC maximum to a lesser percentage for companies with claims. Workers’ compensation group rating is one of your most valuable member benefits and your company can dramatically save on workers’ compensation premiums.

For more information on joining the ECOFD Group Rating Plan, contact Robert Nicoll with CCI 800-837-3200 ext 8595. You may also complete our interactive group rating application through
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